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  In 2011 September, Taicang Linfei Casting Co.,Ltd was awarded the title of high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu Province
  In 2012 April, Taicang Linfei Casting Co.,Ltd was awarded the title of Jiangsu Province Foreign R & D institutions

Shanghai Linfei Industry Co.,Ltd. is an entitative company with affiliated factory who is majoring in automatic machining centre¡¯s casting and exporting.
Since established in 1995, ¡°Linfei¡± is engaged in exporting mechanical products and machine tool¡¯s casting.After years of development, relying on the good cooperation with the foreign customers and good product quality , we charted a new direction, manufacturing and exporting mechanical casting in 1999.At the same time,¡°Linfei¡± gathered many

outstanding technical managers and established the casting factory. With the business going up, another factory named Taicang Linfei Casting Japanese Joint Venture was established in Taicang city in 2001. Supported by the affiliated factories,¡°Linfei¡± accomplished the target for exported casting nearly ten thousand tons per year.
As the main granter, in the process of affiliated factories¡¯ development,¡°Linfei¡± accredited a great deal of excellent managers to participate in management. In addition to take a large quantity of orders, we also organize outsourcing and strengthen quality control and technical guidance as the main duties, meanwhile, responsible for reception of foreign customers etc. All the said measure provides a strong foundation and strength for the rapid growth of our affiliated factories.
In conformance with the business mentality of ¡°casting future¡± and based on the guaranteed quality, we continuously overcome the more complex technical roadblocks and seek for more efficient management in order to build up a high-class mechanical casting company in China and even around the world.
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